Frequently Asked Questions
     Q: Are there any other services like yours?
     A:  No, Not that I found.  Thatīs what makes our site so unique.       
     Q: Who can use your service?
     A:  Anyone can as long as you are planning your own Reunion
          or are a Professional Reunion Planner.
     Q: Why are your fees low?
     A:  We feel customers should not be charged for a correct address. 
          Thatīs why we verify the information and then search for the Alumni.  
          We also use these databases for our other business.  Witness Locates, 
          Online Background Checks, Tenant Screening and Employment 
          Screenng that helps with the cost.
     Q: Why can't other companies offer the same.
     A:  Well a few reasons. They just donīt want to, they probably donīt use
          the same sources as we do.  If they donīt they may be paying more
          and then you are paying more. Keep in mind we have been locating 
          people for over 13 yrs. on the internet and have impressive
     Q: What are other companies charging to locate a person? 
     A: There are People Finder Companies that charge $9.99 to $19.99
          for one person. Then there are Alumni Finders and they charge 
          typically $1.50 or more for Each Alumi regardless of results.
     Q: Is this an instant results site that gives out 5 or so matching names
          to each Alumni and   then I have to sift through the names?
     A:  No, not at all. We actually find the most current address for each of      
          your Alumni through accurate databases. We search names, address     
          history, real estate records, and personal identifying factors. 
     Q: How long does it take to receive my results? 
     A:  Usually 24-48 hours, but there may be some delay due to heavy volume.      
     Q: Why is there a 10 name minimum?
     A:  Every company has some Policy, this is ours.
     Q: Are there any refunds, any guarantee?
     A:  NO, we are being paid to search databases for a more current address. 
          We canīt  be responsible for other peoples product.  However      
          we have been using the same sources for years and have 
          confidence in them.       
     Q: You have given me results, but there are people that have not responded
          why? Did you return the correct information?
     A: You have to remember that "those years" were fantastic for  some 
          people and  horrifying for others and they don't want to be bothered. 
          Yes, the information is the most accurate and up to date.  We have been 
          locating people and performing online Background Checks for 13 
          years using the same sources  with no complaints. 
Classmate Locate 2011
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Our Fee Includes...

The Current Address For Each Alumni
When Applicable Phone Number,
    Name Change, Death Indicator & Date
Information Verified On 4 Levels
Information Usually Returned in 24 Hrs
Results Sent Online
No Bulk Results For Each Alumni