Our Fee Includes...

The Current Address For Each Alumni
When Applicable Phone Number,
    Name Change, Death Indicator & Date
Information Verified On 4 Levels
Information Usually Returned in 24 Hrs
Results Sent Online
No Bulk Results For Each Alumni

Our service is simple. We make sure your reunion is filled with all your classmates for that special night when your memories come alive. Planning a reunion is a very stressful task. We take on the most time consuming and frustrating task, locating your Alumni.

Your results are FREE if we don´t find a more current address than the one you submitted on your list to search.

Many people rely on the Internet Social Sites to locate people, not everyone goes on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter or any of the other sites.Then there are sites that tell you that you "Search Free" and then prompt you to pay $9.95 to get multiple results for one person. This takes TOO much time and money. You should also be careful of sites reselling your personal information as many do.

It's easy, you give us the most recent names, addresses, ages and any other information that may help locate your alumni and we will MANUALLY use our databases with billions of records. We search Real Estate records, Public Records and other identifying information regarding your Alumni, especially the ones with common names. These are incredibly powerful resources that aid law enforcement. Our locate rate is above 93%, given the correct information so you know your results are accurate. We don't give you a list of 5 names for you to sort out the correct one, we give you the one and only person you are looking for and have done the verification for you.


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